G’day All, A very quick and very essbase hacky one today (since we’re all essbase hackers at heart!) From onwards you can no longer take an copy of a Planning BSO Application through EAS. You can still copy ASO apps and Essbase only BSO apps, but can no longer… Continue Reading EAS copy of a BSO Planning Cube post

G’day, So – from my first few posts you’ll see I’m exceptionally lazy efficient when it comes to back end processes. If it can be scripted/automated, then I’ll generally do that rather than keep a manual step. Err. Where was I. Right – as part of a I’ve-got-a-few-hours-spare-this-week-piece, I rewrote… Continue Reading LCM Backups for Fun and Profit…

G’day All, Those who know me well know I’m not exactly prone to fits of exaggeration nor exuberance when it comes to pieces of new functionality that interest me. I definitely don’t go running around grabbing clients and workmates and saying ‘come and look at this! Isn’t it awesome!’. I… Continue Reading Smartview Magic and an Inglorious Hack (well kinda…see notes at the bottom)

So – after some Jonesing (wait, wrong link ) from certain people, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am writing some thoughts down. The intent of the blog is to be full of useful insights on design principles, efficient coding and detailed optimisations to make best use of the Oracle… Continue Reading H’okay