G’day All,

So I haven’t written for a while – but since we are all a little cooped up at the moment, I figured I’d start a brand new series.

This is going to be a series of short and sharp tips and tricks in Calc Manager.

Some of them are going to be ’embarrassingly’ basic (particularly if I own up to how recently I was introduced to them!) but I think a lot of people that started with EAS & Essbase likely haven’t really had a good explore of all the quirky and useful little features!

Almost all of my examples \ screenshots are going to be from EPBCS. If there is anything specifically related to on-prem that I think of I’ll post it up.

So for today let’s start with something both brand new and ancient! Adobe Flash Player!

Flashback to the 90s

If you’ve open a business rule with the graphical interface in pretty much any recent browser you’ll likely see a variant of the above. Flash, because it’s basically a dumpster fire of possible vulnerabilities has been blocked from automatically opening for a number of years, and with Adobe pulling support at the end of the 2020, all of the major browsers (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla) followed suit to reduce it’s use.

Oracle…very slowly followed behind.

Flash was used for all of the graphical components of Calc Manager, so you basically had to manually enable it every time. However in the Mar 2020 release they added the ability to turn off Flash.

To disable it, open the System View (basically the first screen you normally open to) and click on the far right button on the toolbar.

Now reopening a graphical business rule – and it works! The entire panel has been recoded to HTML5 and – in my testing so far – seems to work rather well!

Multiple Users

Interestingly, disabling Flash seems to disable it for all users in that domain. You only need to do it once and every user hitting Calc Manager will no longer have to worry about Flash!

Starting basic I realise, but future calc manager sessions will look at validation steps, syntax checking, templates, and testing.


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