G’day All, Apologies – haven’t written in forever, real life got in the way as it sometimes does! But I decided to put something together on a new feature dropping in the Sept-18 PBCS release: Summary Level Drill. Summary what now? So FDMEE\Data Management has had the ability to drill… Continue Reading PBCS Summary Drill to Transaction

A few years ago the very very talented Mike Henderson gave a Kscope presentation entitled Power Tools: Using VAR + LOOP for If-Then Procedure Logic and ARRAY for Speed (the presentation can be found here.) First and foremost the presentation has the easiest to understand and most detailed description of… Continue Reading Conditional FIX statements

G’day All, I’ve been a bit lax with regard to posts – apologies – but Cameron harassed me to post this up after he’d not heard of it. To be honest, this is one of those ‘been in my back-pocket for so long I just assumed everyone knew’ kinda features… Continue Reading Sub Variables, and a Glorious Dataform Hack

G’day All, So I’ll skip the shenanigans of Gaullic invasions and move straight to the good stuff – but this is basically a copy of a post I guest wrote for Cameron after being horrified that VBA was his go-to for dealing with MDX. The agony and the ecstasy Upon… Continue Reading MDXExport and Hybrid Allocations

G’day All, Those who know me well know I’m not exactly prone to fits of exaggeration nor exuberance when it comes to pieces of new functionality that interest me. I definitely don’t go running around grabbing clients and workmates and saying ‘come and look at this! Isn’t it awesome!’. I… Continue Reading Smartview Magic and an Inglorious Hack (well kinda…see notes at the bottom)